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Welcome To CBR Hospitals

Best hospital in Delhi – CBR hospitals are driven by the philosophyAyuSkAma (wishing for long life or health) ‘we as a human are so connected with our close ones that we just can’t let them go from our life even we are hurt if we see their sufferings ‘.Our hospital is situated in an area where their health is an upcoming cause of human loss. We are serving a population of nearly 2 lakhs .it is situated in an area of 18000 sqft area with an excellent infrastructure focused on a patient-centric approach. We have services for all categories of people starting from the general wards to the semi-private wards and then deluxe rooms for patients’services are at affordable prices. Our all doctors are recognized by the medical council of India.they are specialists in their field of medicine covering all aspects of human health. In this modern era where everyone prefers to have life insurance. We provide medical claims covering many of the TPA’s. We are committed to providing patients safety, privacy and health. Here’s what we have achieved:

HERE’S WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED:- Best Hospital in Delhi

Thousands of lives saved.

Countless smiles delivered on the faces of our patients and their families

Bringing affordable medical services to the people.

CBR hospitals today have grown into a center of patient satisfaction commanding the respect of its peers, the trust of its patients and the complete commitment of its team. Today with the capacity of 50 beds and its ready to expand up to 100 beds in the coming years. To further look into other areas of health care as health and wellness is a growing need in today’s scenario where the focus is more on curative care, hence we are focusing to provide preventive health care to our patients. This will decrease their spending on treating diseases providing the better community to live in…


To position the group as a healthcare leader, providing all levels of quality based medical services with a focus on affordability and medical excellence. CARING, LEARNING, LEADING

  • For our patients

  • For our community

  • For each other

  • From others, and sharing our knowledge

  • To be a part of a committed team

  • To be flexible and adaptive

  • By motivating others


Good health to all at an affordable cost, building a healthcare facility with medical excellence and a committed, dedicated and contented workforce.

Our Motto is to Provide High-Quality Facilities at Affordable Costs


  • The Hospital is based in Aaya Nagar. Owing to its location near Arjan Garh metro station, it is easily accessible to patients from far and wide

  • The centrally air-conditioned building including the basement has temperature control devices in each room

  • Spacious OPD complex – has consultant’s chambers where services of specialists and super-specialist doctors are available for consultation/treatment

  • Indoor facility – The Hospital has three different categories of rooms i.e. Deluxe, Private and Economy Ward with all amenities to suit every pocket

  • In emergency cases Specialists Doctor’s services available round the clock

  • Chemist / Pharmacy facilities available round the clock – seven days a week

  • In-House kitchen under the supervision of a dedicated dietician provides meals to the patients. The kitchen also caters regular meal to attendants with the prior request, on payment basis at reasonable rates

  • The best hospital in Delhi has 100% power backup and fitted with electric water heating system and Central air conditioning

Director’s Message

CBR Hospitals Romi Sir.JPG

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our hospital. As a director, I would like to tell you my whole journey behind this great idea of CBR hospitals where CBR stands for my dad Chaudhary Beni Ram. The idea of starting this health care organization came when my dad suffered from serious breathlessness and couldn’t even be got the primary life support facilities like oxygen cylinders from nearby. That day I thought there is a serious need of primary or secondary healthcare centers in our area where more than 1 lakh50 thousand people reside.

There why I started this health care organization with a thought process of serving every individual with the best healthcare facilities.

We have been running NGOs and trust to help underprivileged people. I have been an active member of these NGOs and social service as my contribution to society.

We have the best doctors in town treating individuals with the lowest cost possible.

Ram Mehar Bhati(Romi Bhati)   Director

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