Constipation: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Many people suffer from chronic constipation, which is difficulty in the passage of stools for weeks or more. A person is said to be suffering from constipation if he/she has less than three bowel movements in one week.

Though people from constipation once in a while, few people experience severe symptoms, which often interfere with their daily routine. Those suffering from chronic constipation can also stress a lot to have one bowel movement.

The effective treatment of constipation depends on the cause. Let us understand what constipation is about in detail, its causes, the symptoms you need to look out for, and the treatments available.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a disorder connected with hardened stools that stay at the larger intestine. This can happen due to several reasons. Sometimes, you find that the food passes through the colon slowly. When the colon pushes the food through the digestive tract at a slower pace, the colon can absorb more amount of water.

The feces become harder. Constipation is curable, but sometimes it might require medical attention as well. Simple lifestyle changes like drinking more water or dietary fiber can resolve the problem. Else you can take to exercising every day so that your metabolism improves gradually. Let us have a deeper look at the causes, symptoms, and treatments connected with the same.

Now that we know what constipation is let us understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments for the same.  

Causes of Constipation

The pebble stone feces can be quite painful. When you have passed stools lesser than three times a week, it is most likely that you are suffering from constipation. These are some of the medical causes pertaining to the same:

  • A blockage near the large intestine
  • Lack of fiber or water content in the body. You can easily rectify the disorder when you consume more fruits, whole-grain foods, fresh juices, and legumes.
  • Obstructed bowel movements caused on account of blockages near the rectum, anus, etc
  • Physical inactivity- In other words, if you are confined to the bed or your sofa playing video games or movies. You hardly get up from your place and keep on munching food.
  • Consumption of heavily processed foods such as red meat, fries, sodas, cheese pizzas and so on
  • Aging
  • Travel to another country can lead to travel sickness. You might experience bouts of constipation because of the travel jerk.

Symptoms of Constipation

These are some of the symptoms of constipation. Taking you through these:

Major symptoms connected with constipation:

  • Experiencing perennial difficulty in passing your stools.
  • Experiencing strain while passing stools
  • The stools passed are lesser than usual
  • The feces are hard, lumpy, and dry.

Other Symptoms Include:

  • Pain/ cramping of the abdomen
  • Having a bloated feeling
  • Loss of appetite and
  • nausea

Complications Arising on Account of Constipation

You cannot afford to remain complacent about this medical condition. The underlying condition may be a warning signal for an impending colorectal cancer. Other complications arising on account of severe constipation include the following.

  • Getting blood while passing stools
  • Formation of a tear on the anus. This can lead to painful fissures.
  • Development of Piles- The swollen and inflamed blood vessels near the anus can lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.
  • When dried stools collect near the rectum or anus, your body metabolism gets impaired adversely. This condition is also known as fecal impaction.

Colorectal Complications

If you have severe complications arising from constipation, a colorectal disorder is definitely on the cards. Constipation and colorectal impairment happen on account of

  • Cancerous tumors near the colon or rectum
  • Formation of a hernia
  • Presence of scar tissues near the anus or rectum
  • Colorectal stricture- nothing but an abnormal narrowing of the colon/ rectum
  • Presence of anIBD- Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Treatment Options for Constipation

You have natural home-based remedies. Plus, you can go in for prescribed medication. You can choose either of the two options to get relief from the painful symptoms of constipation. Let me discuss the medication first. Natural or home-based remedies will follow suit.

Fiber Supplements

Constipation or pebble stone feces occur as the stools get hardened up. The condition indicates that the body is devoid of water or fiber content. Doctors can prescribe laxatives in the form of fiber supplements. Fiber Con is an example of an effective bulk-forming laxative. You can procure fiber-rich laxatives from online stores or drug stores.


Again, when you go to your doctor for getting relief from constipation, he or she may suggest stimulants. By taking these, the muscles of the intestines contract rhythmically. Senokot is an example of a stimulant.


You can give yourself a warm cater oil massage, especially near the lower part of your abdomen. The lubricating effect of the mineral-rich oil loosens the stools that get accumulated in the colon.

Stool Softeners

The softeners moisten the stool. Again, the softening or the moisturizing effect facilitates the smoother outflow of stools. Examples of stool softeners are Colace and Surface.


These are laxatives that help the colon absorb water content more effectively. The hydra effect loosens up your stools and can help you with the recovery process. Saline laxatives are examples of Osmotics.

Neuromuscular Agents

These contain elements that act as receptors. The bowel movement gets regulated through the gut. Neuromuscular agents also contain opioid antagonists and 5 HT4 agonists.

Natural or Home-Based Therapies to Treat Constipation

You can look for natural remedies to get proper relief from constipation. Some of the effective natural cure methods are

Increasing the Intake of Fiber

It is ideally recommended that a human adult must at least take 25-30 grams of high fiber food. Fruits and vegetables can be included as a vital part of your dietary intake. You can have a cup of fortified cereals like oats or wheat bran porridges.

Regular Exercising

You can take up an hour of brisk walking, jogging, or swimming. Regular exercise helps relieve obstructed bowel movements. Your body, therefore, gets relief from abdominal pain or cramping.

Drinking Water

The proverbial rule says, ‘Drink at least eight glasses of water to stay healthy.’ Why not apply the golden rule right now? You can drink lots of water or freshly prepared juices to re-hydrate your body. The stools loosen up, and you get ample relief from constipation.

Never Control Stools

Avoiding stools can cramp the muscles severely. Leading you into constipation. So, when your body gives you a nature call to pass stools, you must immediately go for it.

People who suffer from constipation can visit a gastroenterologist at CBR Hospitals. The specialists at CBR Hospitals use various tests to identify the root cause of constipation and choose a treatment that suits your medical needs. Call to book an appointment today!

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