Coronavirus – Cause, Symptoms, and Treatments

The lovely beginning of the year 2020 has been thrashed by the threat of a highly contagious illness known as coronavirus. Right from WHO to every small health center, medical professionals are taking special measures to ensure complete prevention from the virus.

The information on the affected people count is also spreading at the same pace as that of the virus leading to overwhelmed peril inside the public. Amid the storm of information, the common public is highly vulnerable to fake rumors regarding symptoms, cure, and other measures. To make the doubts and queries clear, all the appropriate and verified information is given ahead.

What is Coronavirus?

This virus has some outgrowth on the surfaces that resembles a crown i.e. corona which is responsible for its name as coronavirus. It is essential to understand the fact that coronavirus is a family of viruses that are responsible for respiratory syndromes such as SARS and RES. But the recent outbreak that is on high alert by the WHO is the novel coronavirus nCoV-19. The virus spreads by zoonosis i.e. animal to human and then human to human. The n-CoV-19 causes SARS disease.

Spread of Coronavirus

The exact source of coronavirus has not been defined yet as the research is in progress. But the epicenter of the outbreak is Wuhan, China provides certain details about the predictable sources of spread of the virus. The virus initially affected the people working in the seafood market of Wuhan due to the animals. Later on, the disease got spread from human to human via sneezing, coughing, and other physical contacts.

Is Coronavirus Fatal?

The disease caused by nCoV-19 is COVID-19 which targets the respiratory system of the body. This respiratory disorder is particularly called as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Due to the filling of puss like fluid inside the alveoli sacs of the lungs, the affected person finds it difficult to breath and this may lead to death. Therefore, to control the number of deaths doctors are trying to regulate the symptoms to minimize the effect of the virus.

How Did the Virus Spread Across the World?

According to a recent analysis of WHO, coronavirus can be considered as a pandemic due to the steep increase in the number of affected cases. But the reason behind this observation lies within the spreading mechanism of the virus. The virus first came out as an outbreak in the Wuhan city of China. Later on, the people belonging to other countries living in china also got affected by the disease. Upon the comeback of citizens to their native country, the viruses from the affected persons got spread into other people of the country. This is how the virus got spread to other nations via human carriers of the virus from China.

Causes of Coronavirus

The source and cause of the disease have also not been defined as the virus is new to humans. But the root cause of getting affected by coronavirus is by encountering an infected person or animal. The virus spreads via air, water, physical contact.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The only way to find whether a person is affected by coronavirus is by undergoing a proper medical check-up. Because the symptoms of coronavirus are the same as that of common cold, thus are highly indistinguishable from the common cold. Thus, it is advised to consult a doctor and get a medical check done as soon as possible. Following is a list of signs and symptoms that could be a sign of coronavirus infection:-

  1. Sneezing
  2. Coughing
  3. The problem in breathing or respiration
  4. Fever


Since the virus has affected humans for the first time, the scientist is unable to find a cure for the disease caused by the virus. But several measures have taken by nations across the world to control the spread of the virus. Affected individuals are kept in isolation to prevent other persons from getting affected. Also, the disease is caused by a virus. Therefore, antibiotics can be used to cure the symptoms. Thus, it can be understood that the only measure to cure the disease is by preventing it.

Prevention of Coronavirus

All the precautionary measures involved in the prevention of disease mainly focus on limiting the spread and intake of the virus from one person to another. Following are some the prevention measures to be taken to prevent getting affected from coronavirus:-

  1. Avoid every kind of physical contact with an affected person.
  2. Do not stay within a radius of 1.8 meters of the affected person.
  3. Do not touch the used materials of the affected person barehanded.
  4. Wash your hands with an alcohol-based soap and water.
  5. Wear masks to prevent yourself from getting.
  6. Impacted individuals are advised to cover their mouths while sneezing and coughing with an elbow.

Myths Related to Coronavirus

As mentioned initially about the myths flooding across several states, people are getting too scared and confused about the virus. Following are some myths and confusions related to coronavirus:-

  • Why is it incurable? The virus that induced the outbreak belongs to a family of coronavirus. This family of viruses has affected humankind earlier but the recent outbreak is caused by nCoV-19 which is incurable due to the lack of knowledge of the new virus. The disease caused by the virus is COVID-19.
  • Can an asymptotic person spread the disease? The symptoms of the disease persist after 5 days of getting affected. This is because it is highly vulnerable as it is unpredictable to find that whether a person is affected or not. This one of the most factors that led to widespread disease across the whole world.
  • Is it compulsory to wear masks all the time? There has been huge misogyny of wearing masks when going out. This has allowed the mask manufacturers and retailers to sell the product at any price. But this myth is wrong as it is not compulsory to wear masks all the time. The affected person should isolate himself/herself when affected by the disease.

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