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Our Specialty in CRITICAL CARE

Critical care services Delhi – The Critical Care Unit at CBR Hospitals provides services to patients who are suffering from a life-threatening condition or need immediate treatment. Our critical care unit is well-staffed and well prepared to deal with any emergencies and work with an objective to improve and maintain the overall functioning of the body’s vital organs. The treatment provided is based on the patient’s condition and injury or illness.

We at CBR Hospitals make use of advanced technology that helps with timely diagnosis and monitoring of the patients in the critical care unit. The use of state of the art equipment helps in treating the illness or injury in an advanced manner and with care.

What we treat?

Critical Care services at CBR Hospitals are undertaken by special teams that constitute highly skilled doctors and health care professionals. They do the best for the recovery of the patients and supervise them thoroughly when in the intensive care unit. Skilled professionals oversee the entire surgery to ensure quality health care.

Our critical care unit comprises of a Trauma center that is used to treat patients with trauma or emergency. Patients who are critical and require medical care for conditions like respiratory compromise , cardiac arrest, organ failure, etc. are treated here. Our trauma center and critical care units are well-equipped with the latest and technologically advanced equipment to immediately deal with any emergency condition.


Hospitals provide critical Care services to those patients who are under a life-threatening health condition, in most cases, when the vital organs of the patient have failed or are at risk of failure. CBR Hospitals makes use of advanced technology to maintain the functioning of the organs and to improve the condition to treat the disease or injury immediately. The services in Critical Care unit are provided only by specialized teams of skilled doctors and professional health care providers.

What we do for CRITICAL Problems

The Critical care department at CBR Hospitals is a well-equipped unit which has the best doctors and staff, who work round the clock to provide timely treatment. Our critical care physicians and nurses work in a methodical way and save lives – which again is quite challenging in the healthcare sector.

All our treatments, as well as processes, are well-planned and executed with the only objective to save the life of a patient, restoring him/her to their best possible health condition. Our Critical Care unit combines multidisciplinary ICUS and the ICUS that is dedicated to trauma and post-cardiac patients. We strived hard to redefine how a Critical Care unit works, and work with a primary focus on expert medical care, advanced equipment and state of the art infrastructure.Contact now for critical care services Delhi.

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