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Our Specialty in Dental care

Dental hospital in delhi – We provide dental care for all ages. Dentists at CBR Hospitals work with a goal to help their patients maintain optimum dental health and enjoy beautiful smiles. We provide high-quality care in a very safe and comfortable environment, creating a relationship of life-long honesty and trust.

Our experts provide various treatments like Teeth Whitening, Braces, Root Canal, and more to ensure your oral health. We specialize in family, implant and cosmetic dentistry and we stay ahead of the curve by using state of the art equipment and technologies.

CBR Hospitals believes in “making your dream smile a reality.” We are not just any walk-in clinic, and our dentists are available for extended hours, providing you with care even during emergencies.

What we treat?

Every individual suffering from tooth trouble has concerns and fears regarding the treatment. Our dentists give her best and alleviate all your concerns by creating a comfortable and safe environment for all the patients. All the treatment procedures are performed by our in-house specialists, who are available at convenient timings to match the patient’s schedule.

The treatments we provide are,

  • – Dental Cleanings
  • – Family Dentistry
  • – Root Canal Therapy
  • – Tooth Extractions and Filling
  • – Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry
  • – Cosmetic Dentistry
  • – Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures
  • – Orthodontics
  • – Emergency Dentistry for Cavities, Chipped Tooth, and Toothache

Our specialists work with a dedication towards patient care and enjoy attending every patient who walks through our hospital doors. Walk in today to experience world-class dentistry, which is provided by doctors who understand the importance of oral health and your smile.

Treatment and Procedures – Dental Hospital in Delhi

We believe in providing affordable and quality treatment. Our friendly and courteous staff always ensures that every patient receives gentle and attentive care while ensuring your oral health .

Some of the treatments and procedures we provide are:

Root Canal Therapy –

This is a procedure that involves the removal of the infected or injured teeth. The therapy is also performed to remove any dead pulp from the teeth.

Dentures and Bridges –

Both Bridges and Dentures are essential to restore damaged teeth. This treatment is also suggested to replace a damaged or a lost tooth.

Braces –

Braces are used to align your teeth well. These produce a slight pressure on your teeth, helping them move to the right position.

Teeth Whitening –

We believe that a brighter and a whiter smile is always beautiful.

Invisalign –

Invisalign or invisible braces as they are called keeps you away from the anxiety and pain associated with regular braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry –

We provide various cosmetic dentistry treatments that help to enhance your smile, appearance of your teeth, and more.

Pediatric Dentistry –

Kids are more prone to dental issues when compared to adults. Be it a sudden toothache or a cavity, we are here to take care of it.

Routine Examination –

People need to take time for dental health. Our dentists help you in maintaining your teeth clean and healthy.

What is DENTAL Care?

Dental care is related to the oral health of an individual’s teeth, mouth and gums. Dentists at CBR hospitals work with a goal to educate the patients, helping them prevent conditions like cavities or gum diseases.

If you wish to achieve a healthy mouth, it needs to be free of injuries or infections or other problems related to gums or teeth. This helps you maintain dental hygiene and does wonder for your overall health.

Dental care begins after the birth of an individual and continues for life. Dental conditions not only affect your oral health but can also affect various parts of your body, causing health problems.

If you have dental problems that have developed with time, do not delay in visiting a dentist for a procedure. Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, most of the dental procedures do not involve much pain like before.

Signs and Symptoms of DENTAL Problems

Never wait until you see signs or symptoms of dental problems to see a dentist. It is important to go for a dental examination once in 6 months, even when you do not see any symptoms.

Mentioned below are some of the warning signs of a possible dental condition. If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to visit a dentist right away.

  • – Sores or ulcers that do not heal after two weeks
  • – Swelling or bleeding in the gums after you brush or floss
  • – Bad breath
  • – Sensitivity to extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • – Toothache or pain that does not get better after a few days
  • – Loose tooth
  • – Pain when biting or chewing
  • – Swelling in the cheek or the face
  • – Broken or chipped teeth
  • – Dry mouth

If the symptoms mentioned above are accompanied by neck swelling or fever, opt for emergency treatment immediately.Contact for Dental Hospital in Delhi.