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Highly Equipped OT

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Specialty of our HIGHLY EQUIPPED OT

Highly Equipped OT Delhi – Patients are scared of surgeries, but they cannot be avoided due to certain medical circumstances. Surgeries are necessary when the medical condition you are facing is keeping you away from normal mobility or your daily routine. We at CBR Hospitals understand that no one feels good when they are taken on a stretcher into an operation theatre, but we are always here to help you with the best treatments and comfort you when the time comes.

Our Operation Theatres are designed uniquely, are spacious, and make the patient feel comfortable. Our OT’s are equipped with the state of the art facilities. Be it a surgical tool or equipment used during a surgical procedure, all of our facilities are upgraded to the best surgery and diagnostic equipment.

Both our surgical and non-surgical staff are well-trained and highly experienced and monitor the condition of a patient before the surgical procedure, during, and after the surgery. Once the surgery is completed, the patients are shifted to a different room for observation, where they are observed during their rehabilitation phase and are then shifted to their room for recovery.

Surgeons at CBR Hospitals ensure that every phase of your surgery, from initial consultation to post-operative care, is well taken care of.

What is OT & Full Form?

Operation Theater also called as OT or an Operating Suite, is a facility of a hospital that conducts surgical operations, in an aseptic environment. Like other operating rooms, those at CBR Hospitals are windowless, and both the humidity and temperature are well controlled. Advanced air handlers are used to filter the air inside, and to maintain the needed elevated pressure.

Our OTs have electricity support back-ups, and all the rooms are provided with oxygen, and wall suction, along with the needed anesthetic gases. The key-equipment of any operation theatre is the anesthesia cart and the operating table, and other tables where the surgical tools and instruments are set-up. Our OTs also has additional storage rooms to store emergency/ common surgical supplies.

Our OT’s are air and climate controlled and are located away from other departments, allowing only authorized personnel to enter. Our medical staff present in the operation room wear personal protective equipment that prevents infections. The equipment used is,

  • – A cap that covers their hair

  • – The rooms are germless

  • – The staff cover the lower part of their face (mouth and nose) to prevent inhalation of any microbes

  • – Use of shades or glasses depending on the surgery performed

  • – Latex-free sterile gloves

  • – In some surgeries, a surgeon may need to wear special glasses to see with clarity.

Contact us today to learn more about our Operation theatre and the facilities provided and highly equipped OT Delhi

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