How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?

You can avoid bad breath when you maintain good oral hygiene. It is always the best practice to gargle your mouth the moment you are done with eating something. The food particles or debris get rinsed out clean. This way, the bacterial infection, acting upon the food sticking to the teeth or gum area can be minimized.

Taking you through exclusive tips on how to get rid of bad breath!

Regular brushing

In the context, this is what is meant as regular brushing. You must brush your teeth twice every day. When you brush your teeth every morning and night, your oral or dental hygiene improves considerably. The bad breath never arises as the food debris or plaque is eliminated. This is especially true when you brush your teeth twice every day.


A facial routine involves cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing. Similarly, a dental routine requires brushing, flossing, and mouth washing. The dental plaque is formed when the food particles stay in your mouth for long. Flossing refers to cleaning food particle that stays in between two teeth. The toothbrush cannot reach the food particles present in between gaps. So flossing is a routine you can catch up with.

You can learn flossing techniques from the dentist from whom you take regular dental check-ups done. 

Cleanse your tongue

Sometimes, the food you consume tends to linger on to the taste buds or folds of your tongue. Hence, tongue cleansing is a must-do routine. You can use a tongue scraper to scrape the residual particles off your tongue. This way, your mouth gets cleaned. And you will never have to experience bad breaths.

Natural techniques on mouth rinsing

Mouth rinses immediately suppress mouth odor. But some of these OTC (Over the counter) mouthwashes can worsen the condition of people who have a chronic mouth odor. You can use a natural formula to tackle bad breath issues.

The pointers are bulleted for you, for easy understanding. These are as follows:

  • Mix a few drops of peppermint oil to lukewarm water. Then rinse your mouth clean.
  • This is the next home-made recipe to tackle bad breath. Take a glass of warm water. Add a little salt or a pinch of baking soda to the water. Rinse or gargle your mouth clean. You will have a refreshing feel.
  • Rinsing your mouth with black or green tea can also suppress the growth of bacteria inside your mouth.

Periodic dental visits

Make it a point to visit your dentist every three months or so. Any kind of mouth irritation or cavity issues can be looked into. If you have impending root canal treatments to be done, the dentist will help you fix appointments to have them done. 

Dental clean-ups are also highly recommended for you. This can be done once every six months. When you take extra pains to take care of yourself, the efforts can be rewarding.

Kick the butt

This is especially true if you have the habit of smoking. When you smoke cigarettes, these badly stain the insides of your teeth. Moreover, you have a bad breath that lingers on to your mouth. This is even after you have brushed your teeth well. Avoid using tobacco products, if you love maintaining fresh breath.

Wet yourself

You must drink the recommended intake of at least eight glasses of water per day. This way, your mouth doesn’t remain dry. The food particles or bacteria are also washed out when you drink water regularly. This way, mouth odor is kept under control. Still, if you have a persistent dry mouth issue, you can talk to your dentist about it. He/she will recommend a quality saliva substitute. You can get one for yourself from the drug stores.

Sugarless candies

You can take sugarless candies or chewing gums to stimulate the inflow of saliva. When you keep on chewing, you also exercise your teeth. This way, the masticating action improves. Hence, chewing sugarless candies or gums can keep your bad breath away. 

Carrots, celery or apple

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating an apple every day can act wonders for your body. You get freedom from unwanted hunger pangs. Your saliva inflow improves. The bacteria or residual particles are wiped out clean while you munch apples.

You can also take carrots to cleanse your teeth. You can consume veggie salads comprising of fresh beetroots, carrots, and cucumbers. Your body gets hydrated, and your teeth get flushed out of its toxins. This way, you get complete relief from bad breath or mouth odor. Fruit bowls can comprise of apples, bananas, and watermelons. You can, therefore, snack on vegetables or fruit bowls. You can have them in between meals. 

Even while fasting or while skipping meals, toxins, or acids from the stomach tend to build up. Munching on fresh fruits or veggies can do your breath and body a lot more good.

These are some of the most exclusive tips on how to get rid of bad breath. Exercising regularly or eating the right kind of foods can have an overall impact on every part of your body. The dental domain is no exception to this. 

Not taking care of your teeth well leads to the build-up of plaque or cavities inside the root pulp. Wherein you must take to performing a root canal or filler treatments now and then. Those painful sessions with the dentist can cost you time, efforts and money. Young adolescent kids consume pizzas or burgers that put tremendous pressure on the tooth muscles. Drinking sodas can also dry up your mouth. Drinking too much coffee is also not good for your dental health. More so, the caffeine stains your teeth badly. 

When you take to healthier living, you can maintain that pretty looking smile of yours. Plus, you can maintain a great breath or oral hygiene that will hold good for decades to come. Never skip or omit the signals bad breath gives you. Most of the chronic diseases start with the bad breath issue. 

Now that you are aware of the general tips for improving mouth odor and guidelines for healthier living, it is time you implement the same to get rid of bad breath. 

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