Joint Replacement Surgeries

Joint Replacement Surgeries – Bone health is a crucial asset of the body right from the time of the birth of an individual, our bones help us in different segments of life in the best possible manner. According to one of the recent news reports, it is found that most of the individuals delay taking the decision of going ahead with the recommended surgeries at the best orthopedic hospital in Delhi. Experts have specified that the patients who do not delay to undergo surgery, often find themselves in a better mobility position when compared to that of the patients who are delaying the same due to some reason.

This makes it difficult for them to recover at a rapid rate from their present condition. Our bones are associated with the formation of the joints. If the bones are in healthy condition, then the respective joints in the body function in the best manner. When a bone-related ailment is diagnosed in a patient, then medications and lifestyle changes are recommended for the respective patient.

When these medical solutions or simple lifestyle changes fail to work, and the patient wants to save his life, then the operative procedure is the ultimate solution. Joint replacement surgeries are performed at the best super specialty hospital in Delhi to achieve the desired results.

Purpose of Joint Replacement Surgeries:

The primary of the joint replacement surgeries is to eliminate the constant or intermittent pain occurring in the joints of the body. Within a few weeks of completion of the operation, the patient’s mobility improves to a great extent when compared to the condition of the patient before undergoing the procedure.

One of the unique and most common purposes of performing the surgeries of a joint replacement is to help patients heal from the advanced stages of arthritis. Arthritis patients need to consult the best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi to find the best treatment for their respective cases.

The Procedure of Joint Replacement Surgeries:

Joint replacement surgeries are performed mainly for the hips, knee, and shoulder. Each of these joint locations is quite crucial for every individual’s routine. The procedures are related to fixing the collective issues of these types. Here are the procedures of the joint replacement surgeries:

Knee Replacement:

Knee replacement surgeries are also known as knee arthroplasty. Experts also called this procedure as total knee replacement surgery. It helps patients whose knees are affected by bone disorders such as arthritis.

First, the doctor studies the case of the patient along with the medical history. After the required tests are performed, and the results are analyzed, the patient is asked to get prepared from the knee replacement surgery.

Before commencing with the surgery, the patient is injected with general anesthesia. A proper watch is kept on the blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen level of the patient. The skin above the knees is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. The damaged part of the knees is removed from the specific area and replaced with a well-designed prosthesis.

In some of the cases, both cemented, and non-cemented types of prosthesis are utilized in the procedure. The incision is closed with the help of surgical staples and stitches. The required amount of fluid draining is performed for the smooth recovery of the patient after the procedure gets completed.  

Hip Replacement:

Hip replacement comprises a series of steps that are performed under the guidance of the best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi. The team first checks for the blood pressure and other vital details in the patient. General anesthesia is given to the patient.

The surgeon creates an incision through the skin and muscles present in the hip region to access the hip joint. These days, minimally invasive procedures are performed. The joint is dislocated, and the femoral head affected with arthritis is separated. An acetabular cup prosthesis is placed instead.

Then the femoral stem comes into place. This is the narrow metallic shaft plays a crucial role in the surgery. First, the temporary prosthesis is placed and checked with x-rays to find out the placement of the components. Later, they are replaced with permanent ones.

The choice of prosthesis depends on the expertise of the surgeon and the case of the patient. Proper measures are taken to avoid the displacement of the components after the procedure is completed successfully at the best super specialty hospital in Delhi

Shoulder Replacement:

Shoulder replacement procedure takes around two hours, which an orthopedic surgeon performs with success. The damaged joint ball in the shoulder is replaced by a metallic structure similar to the appearance of the joint ball. Three types of shoulder replacement include total shoulder, partial shoulder, and reverse shoulder replacement.

Depending on the advice of the orthopedic surgeon, the respective type of surgery is performed. The recovery takes weeks after it is completed. The patient stays at the hospital until doctors permit to discharge from the hospital. The results of the replacement surgery performed at the best orthopedic hospital in Delhi last for 15 to 20 years.      

Risk of Joint Replacement Surgeries:

The risk of joint replacement surgeries includes wound and bleeding complications, and in some cases, neurovascular damage. The blood vessels tend to get damaged during the operation. Some of the effects which are associated with joint replacement surgeries such as infection, knee stiffness, instability, wear, and loosening of the components related to the prosthesis. With time, the efficiency of the prosthesis starts getting affected. It makes it essential for the patients to consult the best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi.

Thus, joint replacement surgeries prove to be a boon for the patients who are continually struggling with their joint problems and suffering discomfort along with pain regularly. Visiting the best orthopedic hospital in South Delhi will ensure that the concerned patients receive a proper diagnosis of the ailment and get treated under the expertise of the surgeons.

Ultimately, patients will have improved the functioning of joints that will contribute to living a healthy life. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid delay if one faces any problems and prioritize consulting the medical experts.      

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