Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

What is Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms?

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, also known as LUTS, relate to symptoms associated with your lower urinary tract. The organs involve bladder, prostate, and urethra. You will be having a look at some of the major symptoms associated with the same.


This is a normal condition for people who are above the age of 60. You have a feeling to pass urine while it doesn’t come off your bladder. This medical disorder is known as hesitancy. You need to keep yourself seated at the loo for a time longer than usual. This is for the stream of urine to begin.

Weak Stream

This is also known as urinary incontinence. Your bladder is unable to hold up the urine. The medical condition is commonly felt by women who are above to hit on their menopause. That is usually above 45 years of age. Here, you tend to wet your pants whenever you undertake strenuous activities like lifting objects or while bending down. Also, incessant coughing or sneezing makes you wet your pants. Quite a lot of people wear adult diapers to prevent themselves from wetting sofa covers, beds or cushions.

Straining to Urinate

The lower urinary tract can cause you painful infections too. Urinary infections are quite common amongst people who a  with LUTS. You feel a painful sensation or a strain while trying to pass out urine. You can get in touch with the best hospital in Delhi. This way, the doctors diagnose if you have prostate cancer or not.

Dribbling Sensation

LUTS is mainly associated with infections surrounding the prostate glands or an overactive bladder. The condition is mainly associated with your inability to control passing urine. Diabetes, alcohol consumption and aging are common causes attributing to urinary problems. The urine drops dribble back and forth even after you have emptied your gall bladder. In other words, you are done passing urine.

A Stream that Stops and Starts

Sometimes, you may keep wondering why elders are locked up in their restrooms for ages. If you have a chronic form of LUTS, you get a stream of urine that stops. While you flush it out, you have the sensation to keep passing urine. You are unable to get out of your toilet seat. You can get in touch with some of the best doctors in Delhi. From whom you can opt for the right course of treatment.

Urgent Sensation to Urinate

You may have seen elders who are at shopping malls or restaurant hubs. They will rush to their bathrooms. They feel a sudden gush of urine passing through via the gall bladder. The urgent and uncontrollable sensation to urinate, without giving yourself even ample time to find a bathroom, can be a strong symptom associated with LUTS.

Frequent Urges to Urinate

Not only do some of you experience a sudden or urgent need to urinate. You also experience pangs of frequent urination. In other words, you have the urge to keep passing urine very frequently. Doctors can also associate this with a pertinent form of kidney dysfunctionality. You must also avoid drinking too much water. As this can put additional pressure on your gall bladder or kidneys. You can consume wholesome fruits, nuts, and legumes to experience the feeling of fullness. Concentrated fruit juices can be consumed too.

Waking Up from Sleep

If you have experienced a chronic form of insomnia, then you can find yourself getting up from bed too often. You tend to get up two to three times in between sleep. When you wake up from sleep, you have the tendency to pass urine two to three times at night. You can club lower urinary tract problems and insomnia together. Waking up at night and passing urine frequently can also be the early symptoms of a stroke.

Intensity – Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

You have a sudden urge to pass complete urine. This is done wherein you keep urinating continuously. You can’t stop the flow of it. This uncontrollable surge of passing urine with full volume intensity requires immediate medical attention. You will have to contact a super specialty hospital in Delhi. If you uncontrollably pass urine, your body becomes completely de-hydrated. You can become unconscious and faint to the ground.

These are some of the major symptoms of LUTS. Taking you through some of the healthier lifestyle changes to combat lower urinary tract symptoms

  • Consume a lot of fresh fruits or vegetables. You can dice them or slice them and add a dash of honey. This way, you can consume freshly prepared fruit salads.
  • Similarly, you can dice or cube veggies like beetroots, carrots, tomatoes, lettuces, and cabbage. You can add mayonnaise to the same. This way, your body stays hydrated for longer. And you give your body a lot of fiber content too. The sensation to pass urine can be minimized with a healthier diet.
  • You need to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or consumption of red meat. These can clog your arteries and stifle your kidneys.
  • You can take up active exercising to bring your body metabolism to normalcy. An active hour of running, jogging, swimming, or playing badminton or squash can fetch your body with the needed energy levels. Constant urges to pass urine diminishes when you bring your body metabolism to normal.
  • Check for underlying conditions stimulating lower urinary tract problems. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, or obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Limit your consumption of caffeine to two cups a day. If you are diagnosed with storage problems, overconsumption of coffee can worsen the symptoms.
  • You can undertake treatment options for stroke or Parkinson’s disease. You may have urinary dysfunctionalities because of other underlying medical complications. Treatment of a major disorder can give you relief from the painful symptoms of LUTS too.

What Can You Do About This? – Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Frequent urination or painful infections can impact the quality of your life. You cannot go outside for parties, social events, or even attend to your shopping chores. You need to keep a nurse beside you to help you change adult diapers. You should get the symptoms thoroughly diagnosed by a urinary specialist, or who is known as a urologist. He/she will be able to tell you if you have lower urinary tract symptoms. Or is it on account of other medical complications? The medication can be prescribed after the diagnosis. The right diagnosis can get you the right medication and can completely cure you of urinary problems.

You have symptoms, preventive measures or guidelines, and immediate steps that need to be taken up. CBR hospitals have well-equipped labs and expert urology team that helps with the diagnosis and treatment of various urinary tract conditions. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is time you book an appointment!

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