The rise in need and popularity of Hospitals in Delhi

A hospital is a place that promotes recovery and health when a person is not well or has faced an injury. Hospitals are approached by people when they want to consult a doctor or a physician that can help to diagnose and solve their health issue accordingly. They are well equipped to provide patients with the top-notch facility and special care. One can easily find doctors, physicians, and surgeons specialized in different areas of expertise under one roof.

Usually, the doctors and physicians have their own clinics and just visit the hospital for a limited period of time. However, surgeons can work as a full-time health advisor and consultant at different hospitals. The types of specialists that are generally available in a hospital for consulting are as follows,

  • Immunologists: The ones who treat immune system disorders.
  • Anesthesiologists: The ones who are specialized in providing anesthesia.
  • Cardiologists: The one who is specialized to treat issues related to the heart and blood vessels.
  • Dermatologists: The ones who can help with various hair and skin problems.
  • Neurologist: The ones who are specialized in dealing with a person’s nervous system.
  • Gynecologists: The ones who specialize in women’s health.
  • Oncologists: These are cancer specialists.
  • Ophthalmologists: They are eye doctors.
  • Pediatricians: The ones who specialize in Children’s health.
  • Pathologist: They are lab doctors.
  • Plastic Surgeons: They are cosmetic surgeons.
  • Psychiatrists: They are doctors that treat mental and emotional disorders.
  • Radiologists: They are doctors that use and carry out imaging tests like X-rays and Ultrasound and are specialized in radio oncology.
  • General Surgeons: They are doctors that can perform an operation on any part of the body.
  • Orthopedics: They are doctors specialized in the study and treatment of various problems related to bones, joints, and muscles.

All of the above-mentioned doctors are ideally present at a hospital either at the same time or as per their shifts and visiting timings. A hospital can be an all-purpose general hospital or can be the one specialized in a certain field of medicine. A general hospital is the one that doesn’t have any specialized equipment that can treat all kinds of patients and the one where all patients that might be suffering from different ailments are treated simultaneously at the same time and place. A specialized hospital, on the other hand, is a hospital that specializes in the treatment and betterment of a patient suffering from a particular disease or disorder.

Delhi, the capital city of India has a big population of people that reside from different regions of the country for work-related situations. With more people in the city, it is important for the city to have hospitals that can facilitate all. There are a number of specialized and super-specialty hospitals in Delhi. They are equipped with the high cost and sophisticated machines and facilities that are required for the advanced treatment of a patient. The super-specialty hospitals in Delhi offer high ranged facilities for the treatment of patients suffering from the same illness. For eg, the treatment of all the patients suffering from Cancer would be carried out in an Oncology specialized hospital or center.

Similarly, there are also a number of critical care hospitals in Delhi that provide treatment and services of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) to patients that are at a critical stage of health and need intensive medical care and treatment constantly. The patients at a critical care hospital are kept under observations and their health is monitored constantly to track their progress and to see whether their system is accepting the current treatment being given to them.

The reasons for having to consult an orthopedic doctor or surgeon has considerably increased in the past few years. There are different problems that a patient paying a visit to an orthopedic could have suffered from. Some of these problems are related to having issues in their ankles, shoulders, knee, hip, wrist, spine, bones, muscles, etc. These issues may be possible to recover from, by either medication or with the help of physiotherapy sessions. However, there may be some extreme cases that would hint at the possibility of surgery.

Orthopedic surgeries require special equipment and staff trained in the said field. These facilities may not be available at a general hospital. Specialized hospitals for Orthopedics hold all the required infrastructure and manpower that would ensure a healthy and fast recovering environment for the patient. Some of the best orthopedic hospitals in Delhi have all the necessary equipment ranging from implants and fixators to prostheses and are used as per the conditions and requirements by a patient.

The best orthopedic hospitals in Delhi also have the best orthopedics and surgeons that pay a visit to the hospital and are available for consultation purposes as well. Some of the common surgeries carried out by these specialized doctors include Arthroscopy, Debridement, Fusion of bones, Joint replacements, Osteotomy, Revision joint surgery, Soft tissue repair, and Spine fusion.

There are a number of hospitals that can be termed as the best hospitals in Delhi as they offer various medical facilities and are specialized to carry out the treatment process in the different fields of medicine.There are a number of medical institutes, colleges, and centers in Delhi that offer trained doctors and trainees from different fields of medicine to intern at any hospital. Their services help to increase the manpower facilities at the hospital or medical care center. The newly graduated doctors also get an opportunity to work under the guidance of experienced doctors at some of the best hospitals in Delhi. This can help them gain more experience and knowledge about their work over a period of time.

At present, there are a number of hospitals of both types i.e. general hospitals and specialized hospitals have been providing their services to the people of Delhi. The need and requirement of hospitals have considerably increased in the capital city in recent years and they aim to provide medical facilities and care to as many people as possible.

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