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Urology Hospital in Delhi – Urology practice at CBR Hospitals excels in diagnosing and treating problems involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. From curing Chronic Urinary Disease, restoring fertility, treating kidney stones to addressing incontinence, the care urologist at CBR deliver touches all aspects of life.

CBR Hospitals Department of Urology is composed of multiple subspecialty trained urologists, who have additional training in specialized surgical techniques.

The Department of Urology at CBR Hospitals deals with complete facets of bladder, Kidney, Ureters, Urethra, Prostate and related problems. Our team of expert urologists have extensive experience in the management of a wide range of urology issues. All Kinds of Endoscopic procedures like TURP (for prostrate), PCNL (for Kidney stones), and URS (for Ureteric stones) are performedhere. Our operation theaters are well-equipped with C Arm Image intensifier. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

  • • Bladder cancer
  • • Erectile Dysfunction
  • • Hypospadias
  • • Hydronephrosis
  • • Infertility
  • • Kidney cancer
  • • Kidney stones
  • • Male infertility
  • • Overactive bladder
  • • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • • Prostate cancer
  • • Stage 4 prostate cancer
  • • Stress incontinence
  • • Testicular cancer
  • • Undescended testicle
  • • Ureteral obstruction
  • • Urethral stricture
  • • Urinary incontinence
  • • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • • Vaginal fistula
  • • Varicocele
  • • Vesicoureteral reflux

Urological Conditions We treat

There are many urological conditions and diseases that can affect a person irrespective of their age and gender. Some of the most common urological conditions are listed below:

  • • Urinary-Tract Infections (UTIs) Occurring due to pathogenic bacteria or viruses, UTIs lead to a frequent urge to urinate accompanied by a burning sensation while urinating. Some other symptoms include cloudy urine, pelvic pain in women and fatigue. Urinary Tract Infection is more common in women as compared to men.
  • • Kidney Stones Crystallized form of substances like calcium and oxalates & uric acid crystals accumulate over the time and form small stones in kidney. A person suffering from kidney stones may experience severe pain in lower abdomen, pain while urinating, frequent urination and nausea.
  • • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Also known as prostate enlargement, this urological condition occurs in men. The prostate gland gets bigger that leads to various complications including urinary tract infections and bladder stones. Its signs and symptoms range from trouble in urination, loss of bladder control to weak stream and nocturia.
  • • Bladder Cancer It refers to cancer that begins from the tissues of the bladder. The cells grow uncontrollably and form tumors inside the organ. Most common symptom of bladder cancer is blood in urine. Others include pain during urination, urgent need to urinate and increased frequency of urination.
  • • Kidney Cancer Also called renal cancer, this type of cancer begins in kidneys when there is an overproduction of abnormal cells. Its symptoms may vary from person to person and include loss of appetite, blood in the urine, lump in the abdomen, fatigue, and anemia among others.
  • • Prostate Cancer Occurring in men, prostate cancer affects prostate gland which is a small walnut-sized gland that produces seminal fluid. Symptoms of prostate cancer may include difficulty in urination, blood in semen, erectile dysfunction, pain in bones, and discomfort in the pelvic region. Chronic Renal Failure are managed in the affordable and well equipped ICU (MICU) which has facilities for on bed Dialysis facility. Urological Treatments Some of the common urological treatments are listed below:
  • • Lifestyle Changes In conditions like UTIs, some lifestyle changes needed to the patient in the initial stages to control the symptoms. Some of them are limiting the amount of caffeine, quitting smoking, drinking enough water to stay hydrated and consumption of cranberry juice.
  • • Medications Medications is to cure urological diseases; the medications may range from antibiotics to chemotherapy drugs depending on the type of urological condition.
  • • Surgery Surgical treatments are performed depending on the condition and the stage of the disease. Some of the common surgical procedures are laparoscopic urologic surgery, robotic surgery, kidney transplantation and reconstructive surgery of the urinary tract.Connect today urology hospital in Delhi.