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Give yourself a good Diet by consulting our Dietician Online

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What is Dietician

Dietician in Delhi – A dietician is a health professional who is qualified by the degree to assess and treat various nutritional and dietary health problems in patients. Dieticians at CBR Hospitals work with both healthy people and those who are sick. They make use of the up to date research on health, disease, and food and use the guidance to help people make good lifestyle and diet choices.

What we treat?

Diet and nutrition play an important role in our well-being. A poor nutritional state can drive an individual towards any chronic health condition. Balanced nutrition is not only necessary for good health, but is essential for a person’s physical development, and body process regulation.

The Dietetics Department at CBR Hospitals works with a goal to provide the best nutritional care to all its patients. Our dieticians address the complex and ignored health issues caused today due to a lack of nutrition.

We work with registered and experienced dieticians who take extra care when suggesting dietary considerations when a person is suffering from injury, disease, or surgery. Our experts also provide counseling and educate patients about the importance of a healthy diet and how they can improve their overall health with a tailor-made diet plan.

Treatment and Procedures – Dietician in Delhi

Our Dieticians provide various treatments like,

  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain Program- Our experts provide diet advice to people who wish to lose excess weight or gain some. The diet plans are custom-made, keeping the health condition of the patient, with a focus on long-term weight control.

  • Diabetes Management – Diabetes can be controlled by following a good diet, and our experts help you with just that.

  • Hypertension and Cholesterol – If you are suffering from high blood pressure or high levels of cholesterol, we help you bring it to a safe level with diet suggestions.

  • Diet for Pediatrics

  • Diet during pregnancy

  • Diet suggestions for sports lovers

  • Special diet for bride and grooms

  • Diet management for people suffering from various health ailments

Signs and Symptoms of DIET Problems

Eating the right food, in the right amounts, is the key to lead a long healthy life. Every human body changes as it gets old, and the intake of calories or nutrients changes from one age to another.

Adults and kids often do not receive the nutrients they require to lead a healthy life. It always helps to know the signs and symptoms associated with poor nutrition, so that you can talk to a dietician if you notice any.

Some of the symptoms you need to look for are:

  • – Feeling exhausted all the time

  • – Having a very dry and brittle hair

  • – Ridged nails

  • – Dental issues like bleeding gums or gingivitis

  • – Improper bowel habits

  • – Slow immunity

If you are facing trouble with your health or having a problem eating well, it is time you talk to our dietician right away! Connect today the best dietician in delhi

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