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Best General Medicine

The General medicine unit is an important part of any well-functioning hospital. At CBR Hospitals, the General medicine department is well-equipped with top doctors who are available to diagnose and provide appropriate treatment for your health condition. They are the very first doctors our patients get to meet. A general physician first diagnosis the health condition of the patient and sends him/her to a specialist if required.

Physicians at CBR Hospitals are known for their discipline and promptness. In addition to this, our advanced diagnostic services and round the clock pharmacy make our hospital an all-round solution all patients look for.

Our Services

The Department at CBR Hospitals provides treatment for various health conditions including and not limited to:

  • Various kinds of fever

  • Infections that affect different body organs

  • Metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and thyroid to name a few

  • Blood pressure

  • Stomach infections or tummy ache

  • Respiratory diseases

  • Joint pains, backache, etc

  • Headaches

  • Muscle weakness and epilepsy


Highly skilled and top GPs lead the General medicine department at CBR Hospitals. A general physician is also called a GP, and he/she is a doctor who has specialization to treat various illnesses or diseases that affect the body. Their primary treatment is via medication and does not involve surgical procedures.

General physicians at CBR Hospitals treat various medical conditions, most of which affect the respiratory, neurological, or cardiovascular systems. A GP can suggest a patient undergo a few tests based on their medical condition, like ECG, blood pressure, urinalysis and blood sugar level. The tests then direct the diagnosis to the underlying problem, using which an effective treatment plan is provided.

What we provide in GENERAL MEDICINE

The General Medicine unit at CBR Hospitals deals with timely prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of various medical conditions. Our General physicians are the first point of contact when a patient visits our hospital.

General physicians start the procedure with the patient’s physical examination and recommend tests and diagnostic procedures if necessary. The results obtained from the diagnosis and the tests help us arrive at one final diagnosis, based on which necessary treatment is provided to the patient.

The General Medicine department at CBR Hospitals is backed by expert doctors, who are proficient in their field. Our talented team of doctors helps patients with all-round medical solutions, aiding in speedy recovery.

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